As a busy mom, wife and full time entreprenuer, I've learned to appreciate  my reset button.......on a daily basis 


This Selfcare Menu was created for anyone who desires to simplify their daily schedule and make room for themselves. 🥂


My proven T.A.S.K method will help you develop this methodical lifestyle by:


👉🏾Taking time for yourself without feeling guilty

👉🏾Aligning your family's schedule with your routine

👉🏾Simplifying and prioritizing your to-do list

👉🏾Keeping up with everything without missing a beat


I believe this will make a world of difference in how you approach your schedule, tasks, goals, and most importantly, your time. This is the beginning of what I know will be transformative and exciting!


***Please note this eGuide is 100% online. No physical materials will be mailed to you. Upon completing your purchase, you will received a digital copy of your eGuide via email. Since this is a digital item, no refunds will be issued. Should you have any questions, please contact me directly!*** 

Seph Crafts Self Care Menu eGuide