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So...where's my seat?

You've sent out Save-the-Dates, invitations, received your RSVP cards back and now you're finally waiting for your last dress fitting before your lovely day. BUT! There's one thing (an important thing) left to ensure the vibe of your reception is on point and calming. I hope! Why is this task so.....monotonous? Important? Usually one of the last things on your to-do list? Let's just say it can make or break your (and your guests) experience. Including everything you've worked so hard for leading up to your date.

Who sits where? Seating arrangement is valuable because you know your guests very well....who gets along and who doesn't. You can even create a singles' table! I had one at my reception (hubs idea) and two of our guests at the table are married now. Sweet, right! While the seating arrangement is not an opportunity for speed dating, it will optimize everyone's experience to have an amazing time. Also, this is a great way to double check your accuracy for a headcount.

Place Cards or No? Yes! Place cards, seating chart(s), whatever seating design your heart desires is key to preventing chaos and confusion for your guests. It helps create a smooth transition from the ceremony. You will not have to worry about anyone fighting over a seat, sitting at the wrong table or not having a seat at all. If you're not interested in wondering what is causing chaos at your reception, why are "they" arguing about getting first dibs on a seat and not having enough seats available for your guest, then organize your seating arrangement. You'll have enough going on and so much to be thankful for that you do not want to worry about interacting with unhappy guests. #placecards #weddingblog

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