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So...what's on the menu?

As time goes on, many of our loved or liked ones alter their diet based on their lifestyle, restrictions and for personal reasons. But I am not here to advise you on what and how to eat. Let's focus on the menu for your special event. One of the best ways to minimize the "I can't eat this stuff" chatter is to add a "main entreé" checklist on your RSVP card.

Vegetarian, Fish or Meat?

Trying to figure out what 10, 20, 50+ guests eat, their dietary restrictions or food allergies can be overwhelming. Since we want to minimize the stress so you can enjoy your event, let's leave that to the guest to complete. Consider it a little to-do

task...right off your plate. So, why is it important to get a heads up on what food you should serve to your guests? For starters, the chef would not appreciate all of their hard work going to waste. Plus, it wouldn't be a pleasant scene to see highly annoyed and hungry guests staring at you during the entire event. Trust me, I get it. This is your day and everything about it revolves around you. I've been there too! But what good would it be for you to enjoy this day while your guests who are there to celebrate your joyous milestone are hangry. Not good, I tell ya. With that in mind, be intentional in making the menu reflect you and your spouse-to-be while offering something for everyone to eat. Now, if they don't eat because they'd rather not...then that's on them. But you did your part. How should you dress it up? Having pretty menu cards, in my opinion, adds an extra flare to your event aesthetics while spicing up the table decor. Your guests are less likely to toss it to the side of their charger. They might even do a happy neck and shoulder dance while asking themselves "ouu, what's on the menu for today?" Like....they'll actually check it out before a waiter/waitress comes around to take their order. So, now that you know or have an idea of what your guests want to eat, have fun with choosing your menu card design and be sure that it represents the both of you! #Menu #Dinner

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