Nice to meet you


Hey peeps, I'm Sephora!

Creator and designer of planners, journals, and the Self Care Menu eGuide.

Seph Crafts handmade journals and physical and printable planners are thoughtfully designed to encourage organizers to take their time for themselves daily. They include motivational and goal-oriented prompts that will help you become intentional about planning your day around a self-care routine.


You'll seamlessly track your goals, accomplishments, and even your monthly budget. Staying on top of your big three "must-dos" for the day is emphasized throughout our planners to prevent burnout. 

Just as you would with your favorite meal, pick and choose what you will add to your daily plate. As a busy mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I've learned to appreciate my reset button. I wrote this eGuide with the hopes that you will find your reset button and put it to use daily.  


Our Self Care Menu eGuide provides the tools needed to do so while implementing a daily self-care routine! This eGuide will present step-by-step instructions on best practices that will help you to never forget about putting yourself first without feeling guilty about it. It will also dive into how you can optimize your time while accomplishing your daily goals.